We’re thrilled to announce a significant shift in how we recognize the exceptional work of our exhibitors and our wider community. To further celebrate the contributions of all our partners, including NY NOW exhibitors and online-only brands who sell on our marketplace, as well as other brands in the gift, home, and accessories industries, we have transformed our awards program into a more inclusive recognition model that celebrates both innovation and impact. 

As part of this initiative, we are now opening the opportunity for all members of our community to submit to be considered for our new NY NOW Innovation & Impact Awards. We firmly believe that this new approach will foster a diverse and vibrant pool of talent, representing the very best that our industry has to offer.

The Categories

Sustainability & Social Impact Award

Recognizes exhibitors and brands who have demonstrated a profound commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It honors those who prioritize environmentally conscious practices, ethically sourced materials, and initiatives that positively impact communities and society as a whole.

The Innovation Award

Celebrating creativity and forward-thinking, this award acknowledges exhibitors and brands that have brought groundbreaking design concepts to the forefront. It commends products that showcase unique and original ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional design and setting new trends within the industry.

The Emerging Brand Award

Designed to uplift promising talent, this award celebrates budding brands and exhibitors that have shown exceptional growth potential and innovation. It recognizes those who are making a significant impact in the market and highlights their potential as future industry leaders.

The Trailblazer award

Dedicated to visionaries who have made a lasting impact on the industry. This prestigious recognition honors exhibitors and brands that have been pioneers in their field, driving positive change, and leaving a lasting legacy through their innovative contributions.

Our 2023 Award Winners

candles with cinnamon from matr boomie

Matr Boomie launched Kandu, a social enterprise that creates meaningful and well-paying employment opportunities for women who have faced challenges such as incarceration, domestic violence, risk of homelessness, and refugee status. Judge Helen Joffe noted, “Matr Boomie is a company well-known for their fair-trade work in India, and now they’ve expanded their work to support refugees while creating a sustainable, beautiful product.”

Tea from Brook37

In reviewing Brook37’s application, Judge Hadley Keller said that she was immediately struck by their “incredibly thoughtful approach to branding and package design.” She adds, “This brand manages to incorporate nods to its nature-forward ethos, both visually (embossed leaf motifs) and logistically (eschewing plastic packaging and encouraging re-use).” Hadley also loved how the stackable canisters encourage re-use and promote wellness through embracing tea time as an act of self-care.

candles from bonita fierce

In reviewing this award’s submissions, judge Kelly Bennett was struck by how much Bonita Fierce Candles stands out within the crowded candle industry. “They are building a candle company with roots in Latin culture, plus bringing a modern take to traditions and rituals,” she said. Bringing Latin culture to major retailers like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Barnes & Noble is no small feat. Kelly says she can’t wait to see how founder Melissa Gallardo continues to scale and build her community.

child rising a bike from strider bikers

Ryan MacFarland developed All Kids Bike, a program equipping 1,000 participating schools with the tools to teach kindergarteners how to ride. Ryan has also started two other programs: Strider’s Adaptive Program to support children with limb differences; and 20x Sport, a learn-to-ride tool for individuals with disabilities. Judge Patti Carpenter was impressed with Strider’s giveback mission, stating, “This is what true community-based thinking should embody in all companies.”

Award Winners Can
Look Forward To:


Premium exposure & reach

This includes but is not limited to a dedicated feature on the NY NOW website homepage and Awards page, a guaranteed feature on our social media channels, press opportunities, and more.


business development & education

Award winners receive an opportunity to select a free course or consultation provided by our incredible network of industry partners.


Onsite Market Recognition

Including but not limited to: meterboard features at our Winter 2024 Market, plus live announcements, displays, 
and more.


E-Commerce Benefits*

Including but not limited to: reduced commission; an enhanced brand page (“award winner” callout); exclusive promos to offer your buyers.

*Applies to brands exhibiting at NY NOW Winter 2024 (who have uploaded products on NY NOW Online), or brands selling on the Bulletin marketplace.