General FAQ

How would I change the name of my company on my badge?
• Attendees, please email Customer Service. Please note that if you are registering under a new company, you may be required to provide additional credentials for re-qualification.
• Exhibitors, please contact your sales manager.
Where is the SF NOW Market held?
The SF NOW Market is located at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 

What are the SF NOW Market hours?

Market Opens: April 27-28, 2022    (Thursday – Friday)
Hours:9:00am to 6:00pm

How can I make hotel arrangements?

Hotel reservations can be made online through the Hotel & Travel section. onPeak is the official housing agent for the SF NOW.

What are the April 2023 market dates for SF NOW?

The SF NOW April 2023 market will be located at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, April 27-28, 2023.

What are you doing about Coronavirus?

Please read our Health and Safety Guidelines here.

Enhanced Directory

When do I get access, how do I login, how many retailers are getting access?
  • You received an email with your login details from noreply@sfnowdigitalmarket.com. The email provided your login link and your username. If you can’t find your login details please contact Elastic
Where are the retailers located?

All US regions with a high concentration of buyers/retailers on the West Coast 

Can/How do I load my own data?

We are currently working on a User Interface that will allow you to manage your own brand profile. Communication will be sent out as soon as the platform is up and running. In the meantime, please reach out to “paola.payano@emeraldx.com” if you need your profile or product data updated. 

Will brands receive help to get them up and running?

Absolutely! We have Onboarding and Customer Success teams ready to assist in this process.  You will receive a welcome email that will contain all the details you need to begin the onboarding process. Our Customer Success Team is available and ready to support you.

How do brands update new products throughout the year?

Through a simple process that our Onboarding and Customer Success teams will guide you through. You’ll have access to a secure file sharing hub called GoAnywhere that connects your data directly to the Exchange platform. 

How do I add new users?

A user manager function is available on the platform. From here new users from the brand side can easily be added. 

At shows, are we able to manually put in orders?

No, Exchange functions as a directory for all participating brands however there is an opportunity for an Elastic platform with ordering and merchandising capabilities at an additional cost. If you’re interested in learning more, contact our team here for a personalized conversation on the best options for you and your brand.  

Is there an inventory management element?

Elastic Exchange is a non-commerce platform and so inventory is not supported. If the inventory is an important element of your business our team can walk you through our B2B platforms that you can upgrade to.

How do I recover a forgotten name and password?

If you have forgotten your password and are unable to log in, you can use the ‘Forgot username or password?’ feature to create a new password. You will be prompted to enter the email associated with your elastic account. You will then receive an email from Password Helper that will contain your current username and a link to reset your password.  Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the password reset email come through. If you forget which email address is associated with your account, the support team can assist you.  

What do the different search fields show me?
  • “Search” located on the dashboard screen, searches across all of the Exchange products (across each brand). For example, if you search earrings here, you will see earrings in all brands on the platform.  

  • “Keyword Search” allows you to search products across multiple brands so that you can quickly find the brand you want to shop for. This will allow you to search over product name, product number, color name, color code, UPC/SKU. Depending on what text you enter here, the system will return multiple matches or an exact match.  
If my company doesn't use “Color Codes”, how should I fill out this data?

The ColorCode data field within the products file (products_brand.csv) is intended to capture the Brand’s internal code for identifying the color of a product. While this data field is required, any code that makes the most sense to your company will be accepted, whether numerical or alphabetic. We suggest using the first three letters of the product color. E.g. “PUR” for purple, “YEL” for yellow.